My life with a fox

Mirella von Chrupek, born 1980. Photographer, designer, collector and curator. Works also in such domains as scenography and sculpture. She aims to create alternative worlds of happiness. In her recent digital collages she uses archival materials to create imaginary lands from our memories and fantasies. Between 2014-17 curated a personal micro-art gallery project called Gablotka, a display box located in the centre of Warsaw where she presented thirteen installations. Her work has been featured in several galleries over Poland. Published a book on adventures of one of her characters (Dino Bambino, Wytwórnia Publishing House, 2018). Runs a personal bimonthly column in Kosmos dla Dziewczynek magazine. A holder of the Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland in 2013 and 2020. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.




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Selected exhibitions:
2020 Paeoloxodon antiquus. Diorama, Regional Museum, Konin, PL
2019 The Many Incarnations of Deer, National Museum of Ethnography, Warsaw, PL
2019 My Freedom, Niefestiwal, CSW Łaźnia, Gdańsk, PL
2019 The Land of Roasted Pigeons, ABC Gallery, Poznań, PL
2019 Objects and People, BWA Tarnów, PL
2018 The Books of Pan Tadeusz, Pan Tadeusz Museum, Wrocław, PL
2018 Salve!, Institute of Design, Kielce, PL
2017 Farewell, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2017 DinoBambino, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2017 Thumbelina, Gablotka, Warsaw, PL
2017 Simonka the Fawn, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Disko Bat, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Deep Sea, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Ladies Be Good for Us, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Winter Walk, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2015 In the Moss, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2015 Kłamstwo Judyty, Forma-Wojciech Zamecznik Art Festival, Warsaw, PL
2015 The Last Day of Summer, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2015 Spring, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2015 Candyfloss, Gablotka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2014 Golden Age. Vinylcanvas Collection, BWA Wrocław, PL
2009 Flowers in the Attic, Geppert's Apartment, Wrocław, PL
2006 Bunny_terminator Tour, Łódź Biennale, Lodz, PL
2006 bunny_killer- first blood, 5th Photo Festival, Lodz, PL
2006 Mroki i uroki, Yours Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2005 Fotoplatikon, Melon Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2005 Fragmente Fotoprojekt, Stuttgart, GER

Projects and events
2011, ant nest for "Grzybobranie" project, Fundacja Form i Kształtów, Powsin, PL

2011, conference, Interactive Day, Cracow
, PL
2008, installation, myspace_ldz, Łódź, PL
2007, installation, myspace_ldz, Łódź, PL
2007, kaleidoscope installation, FreeFormFestival, Warsaw, PL

2007, "Nie Ma Problemu", kaleidoscope installation, Poznań, PL
2005, installation "Zajęcze monidełko", FreeFormFestwial, Warsaw, PL


Dinella by Maurice Gomulicki